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CB, French payment system
CB, a card payment system, is the leader in France with more than 10 billion transactions per year. The system is managed by the Groupement des Cartes Bancaires CB.

CB Members

CB Members

An open system that associates all players

The CB members

Each member either belongs to College A (main member or associate member) or College B (DLV member). Each college has different conditions for membership and the respective rights and obligations both also differ.


Members of College A 


The members of College A are lending institutions or, in a more general sense, payment institutions authorised to provide payment services and/or issue and manage electronic payments. When they join, they undertake to comply with the CB Statutes and to respect all CB rules and decisions worldwide. They also sign a licensing agreement permitting them to use the CB brand.


The members of College A are obliged to present financial and technical guarantees and to contribute towards CB operating and investment costs. They may also issue CB cards, install ATMs and sign CB acceptance contracts with retailers. They are entitled to avail of CB services and also participate in its governance. Members also hold rights to CB shares.


Members of College A undertake to fulfil the requirements for membership or are associated with a main member.


The principal members provide financial and technical guarantees for their CB transactions and those of their associate members. The principal members inform their associate members of their rights and obligations. They may become members of the Executive Committee providing they fulfil the conditions defined in the by-laws.


Other institutions authorised to supply payment services may issue CB cards, install cash withdrawal machines and conclude contracts with merchants without being CB members because they are related in a capitalistic or legal manner to a CB member: these are CB Group Entities.


Members of College B


The Members of College B are issuers of Dematerialised Luncheon Vouchers (Titres Restaurant Dématérialisés), which are vouchers that are subject to those regulations applicable to restaurant and meal vouchers.


When they join, they undertake to respect those rules of the Group that are applicable to them and also present technical and financial guarantees so as to ensure the correct execution of DLV transactions.


Members who are involved in activities that are relevant to both College A and College B must respect the rights and obligations of each of the two colleges and, in particular, join separately for each of the respective activities.


THE interbank fees

Each member of collège A has obligations in relation to the other members of collège A and must provide services which are paid for: 


  • By the members of collège A who have affiliated merchants, for payment, 
  • By the issuers of CB cards, for cash withdrawal. 



Decision of the Competition Authority 

The undertakings of the banks 

understanding the pricing of card payment transactions

multilateral interchange fees and tariffs