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CB, French payment system
CB, a card payment system, is the leader in France with more than 10 billion transactions per year. The system is managed by the Groupement des Cartes Bancaires CB.



CB is an open system that operates in the interests of its members and includes in its governance both actors and stakeholders in the system.

College A:


The approximately 130 CB members are establishments who provide payment services and/or issue and manage electronic payments. When they join, they undertake to comply with the rules of the CB system and present technical and financial guarantees to ensure the correct execution of all CB card operations and the activities of those authorised to use the system.


College B:


The members of College B are issuers of Dematerialised Luncheon Vouchers (Titres Restaurant Dématérialisés) – vouchers that are subject to those regulations applicable to restaurant and meal vouchers.


When they join, they undertake to comply with the rules of the CB system and present technical and financial guarantees to ensure the correct execution of all DLV (TRD) transactions.


The General Assembly approves the accounts. It appoints the Administrator, the management controllers and the auditor. It also decides the CB system’s general principles for invoicing.


As part of the mission assigned to it by the members, the Executive Committee is tasked with determining the general policy pursued by CB and consequently issuing directives to the Administrator.


The Executive Committee is elected for two years and is comprised of:


  • The top ten main members (in terms of voting rights);
  • Two other main members elected by a college of main members other than the top ten main members;
  • A representative of the Members of College B, who sits on the Executive Committee for matters common to the 2 colleges or specific to College B;
  • A Chairman appointed by the Executive Committee;
  • An observer from Banque de France ;
  • A qualified natural person.

CB is attentive to the considerations of all the card-payment stakeholders, peculiarly via their representative bodies and associations. They meet at least twice a year in three Advisory Councils (Manufacturers, Acceptors and Consumers), under a protocol that defines the areas of competence of each of the councils. They therefore contribute to enhancing and developing the range of CB services. This governance reflects the level of contact and high responsiveness in case of requirements that CB always wishes to have.


The Group is organised as a project group. Projects are defined by the Executive Committee and pursued in collaboration with the CLPD (Committee for Large Projects and Developments).


Three user groups (range of products and services – the fight against fraud – systems and data) work together to complete each project and maintain the systems and data verified by the Group.





Each member of collège A has obligations in relation to the other members of collège A and must provide services which are paid for:


  • By the members of collège A who have affiliated merchants, for payment
  • By the issuers of CB cards, for withdrawal


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