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CB, French payment system
CB, a card payment system, is the leader in France with more than 10 billion transactions per year. The system is managed by the Groupement des Cartes Bancaires CB.

Fighting fraud

Fighting fraud

To effectively fight fraud, it is necessary to have a maximum of information and to be responsive.

Detecting and characterising frauds

The CB system has a database that is constantly supplied: the Cartes Bancaires Information System (SICB). This tool is essential for the finest possible characterisation of the frauds that are observed (operating procedure, place, etc.). It also allows very quick detection of potentially-suspect transactions, for example: unusual withdrawals in a foreign country where the level of security of card transactions is lower than in France.


Cooperation with the police and the legal system  

CB cannot fight fraud alone. It cooperates firstly with its members, to whom it reports all suspicions of fraud, so that they can warn the cardholders concerned. The fight against fraud is a community process where each bank takes the final decision. Within the CB, a dedicated team cooperates with the legal system and the police.