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CB, French payment system
CB, a card payment system, is the leader in France with more than 10 billion transactions per year. The system is managed by the Groupement des Cartes Bancaires CB.

Several precautionary rules

Several precautionary rules

The security of the CB bank card does not mean that you must not follow a few commonsense rules for using it in complete security:


  • Do not write down your confidential code anywhere, or communicate it to any third party;
  • Always enter the confidential code away from prying eyes, for example by protecting the keyboard with your other hand;
  • Do not enter an erroneous code 3 times when making a withdrawal or payment;
  • Do not allow yourself to be distracted by a third party when making a withdrawal;
  • Keep your card in a safe place and do not let anyone else have it;
  • Keep your receipts (including electronic ones) and regularly check your bank statements;
  • Immediately report any anomaly on your bank statement to the bank;
  • Never lose sight of your card during payment at a merchant;
  • Immediately report the card for invalidation if it is retained by an ATM, lost or stolen;
  • Keep the card number and its expiration date in a secure place to speed the invalidation process.




"The legislator has covered the case of loss or theft of bank cards and the effects of invalidation on the holder of the card. Thus, article L133-19 (ordinance n°2009-866 dated 15 July 2009) of the French monetary and financial code specifies: -I -In case of unauthorised payment transactions consecutive to the loss or theft of the payment instrument, the payer shall bear, before the information specified in article L133-17, the losses stemming from the use of this payment instrument within the limit of €150. Nevertheless, the responsibility of the payer is not implicated in case of unauthorised payment transactions carried out without use of the personalised security mechanism".


In other words, in case of loss or theft of the bank card, an excess charge of a maximum of €150 is applied to the amounts debited before the invalidation date except where these transactions have been made without the confidential code.


In practice:

  • In case of loss or theft of your CB bank card, you must immediately have the card invalidated by calling your bank’s invalidation centre or, failing this, 0892 705 705 (0.35 euros/minute, accessible seven days a week and 24 hours a day). 


  • You must also quickly confirm this invalidation in writing to your bank according to the procedures specified by it (ordinary letter, registered letter with return receipt, fax, etc.), and, in case of theft, lodge a complaint with the police. 
  • Before a visit abroad, we recommend requesting your bank to provide you with the necessary telephone number to have your card invalidated from the place where you will be staying.




Before leaving:


  • Look at your card’s expiration date and, if necessary, request its early renewal. 
  • Make sure that your withdrawal and payment limits are appropriate. If they are not, see your bank to determine whether it is possible to have them increased, even temporarily. 
  • Check that your card is accepted in the country where you are going. Take your bank’s telephone number with you, so that you can reach it easily in case of need. 

Your place of stay:


  • Sometimes, abroad, a slip with signature is used, after the card’s magnetic strip is read and the payment authorisation is transmitted. Payment authorisation requests are almost always made, whatever the amount of the purchase. 
  • Check the amounts: thoroughly check the slip before signing and particularly make sure that you approve the total amount on the slip, because there is sometimes an intermediate total followed by an additional line for a tip.