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The bank card is the means of payment preferred by the French
More than 40% of internal French consumption is paid for with a CB card.

Acceptance certification

Acceptance certification

Payment channels examined closely

All of the elements that combine to implement a transaction by CB card are subject to certification: 


  • The contact or contactless payment terminal,
  • The software embedded in these terminals,
  • The payment systems used for remote sales,
  • The gateways (exchange systems between the merchant and the bank),
  • Automated fuel dispensers,
  • ATMs are also the subject of specific certification. 

Certain automated systems (such as dispensers of groceries, sweets, etc.), and certain payment systems for the hire of goods and services (such as for video rental) are the subject of an additional stage. They include a payment system that is itself certified, and must pass integration tests and obtain an AFAS certificate. This certifies that the unit can be used by consumers under the same conditions of security as certified payment terminals.


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