Cartes Bancaires' committees structure

List of business committees

The CB Business Committees

The Business Committees are open to all principal members who wish to join.

The Business Committees are intended to do the work allowing the Executive Committee to determine the general policy of CB and to monitor its application within their areas of competence.

Their leaders and co-leaders are representatives of the principal members of the Executive Committee.

List of the various Business Committees:

  • Research and Technologies
  • Strategic Risk Management
  • Legal and Regulatory
  • Products and Services

- The Research and Technologies Business Committee (CMET) contributes work of a technical nature to the work of CB.

This committee is responsible for validating new versions of CB specifications (cards, mobile applications, processes for issue and personalisation, terminals, Internet payment security systems, communication protocols, etc.); it is informed of the activity of the Consortium in matters of assessing and delivering certification, it monitors the standardisation and technological monitoring work, and it has key performance indicator reports relative to the management of the installed base of equipment and the "ground" deployment of new CB products and services.

- The Strategic Risks Management Committee (CGSR) co-ordinates deliberations concerning the analysis of risk, examines technical security systems throughout the CB system, establishes procedures and resources for fighting fraud, and validates the implementation of solutions developed by various manufacturers (cards, terminals, ATMs, etc.).

- The Legal and Regulatory Business Committee (CMJR) is intended to be informed, by the Executive Committee and the Administrator, of any problem of a legal or regulatory nature resulting from the activities of CB and requiring its members to be consulted.

It must decide on the disputes submitted to it by the Charge-backs Conciliation Commission (CCI).

It also ensures that CB regulations are followed and updated.

- The Products and Services Business Committee (CMPS) coordinates deliberations in matters of marketing, products and services.

It monitors cases related to commerce, manufacturers and consumers’ associations. It gives its opinion on developments to the products and services of CB, particularly concerning the extension of procedures for issuing and accepting the CB card and any related innovations.

It manages market studies, consolidates statistics and monitors European and international cases, particularly developments related to the creation of the "Single Euro Payments Area".

Lastly, it gives its opinion on the communications operations of CB. The committees of Cartes Bancaires